Correct "calls for the leaders of the blocs to an emergency meeting to discuss the political repercussions in the country
28/10/2011 10:46

October 28 / October (Rn) - The mass of "correct" rallying under the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, on Friday, leaders of political blocs to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the political implications of current and developing a strategy for after the U.S. withdrawal from the country.
Council decided to Salahuddin province, yesterday maintained as a separate province administratively, economically, is regarded as a coalition of state law to form regions on the basis of sectarian and factional constitutional red line.
And living in Salahuddin province, the hometown of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's Sunni majority, and fear the government to lead the province of Salah a-Din and Anbar province to the threat of internal security and deepening the sectarian differences between the various doctrines.
But the Kurds believe that the formation of regions will enhance the unity of Iraq and will make a country developed economically and administratively, in reference to the experience in the province of Kurdistan.
The Secretary-General of the mass of the entire al-Dulaimi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "There is an urgent need for an emergency meeting of leaders of political blocs in the country to discuss the implications of the current," adding that "what happened in the province of Salah al-Din of the vote his council to establish the region is a reaction to events the current. "
The al-Dulaimi, that "Iraq is passing through this rough time is difficult and requires a pause of the real leaders of political blocs to discuss the data pre-U.S. withdrawal and a strategy for after the withdrawal."
Dulaimi warned that "the country is witnessing events that get worse now because of political harassment."
The Sunni-dominated provinces and the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, the highest number of votes of the strongest opponents of the administration of the provinces.
Some observers attribute the vote of the province of Salahuddin province to set up a paper and put pressure on the Federal Government against the backdrop of the arrest of 30 people from the leaders of the Baath Party and former officers, along with de-140 pedagogy and staff at the University of Salahaddin for connections to the ousted Baath party.