National Alliance is preparing to hold a crucial meeting of the political crisis on Wednesday
19/06/2012 12:48

Erbil, June 19 (Rn) - A member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for a coalition of state law, that the National Alliance is preparing to hold a meeting on Wednesday, to discuss a number of important issues related to the current political crisis in Iraq.

He said Ihsan al-Awadi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the National Alliance, will discuss among other issues in the upcoming meeting on Wednesday."

"The last developments in the Iraqi political arena, especially the current political crisis and the worsening security situation through a series of bombings, which lies between Onah and the other will be talked about in the upcoming meeting."

However, Al-Awadi said, "will be at the meeting also discuss the resumption of the meetings of the House of Representatives, and the development of draft laws required by the current phase, which should work by the House of Representatives."

It is scheduled to resume Iraqi Council of Representatives convened on Thursday next, to hold the first session of the first legislative term of the third year of legislative vote on six bills and one resolution in addition to the vote on one of the members of the accountability and justice.