The drama support committee is holding a fruitful meeting with the mobile phone companies

The Higher Committee of the Iraqi Drama Support Initiative, chaired by Mr. Mujahid Abu Al-Hill, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network, chaired the new meeting in a series of meetings aimed at the success of the technical process and marketing the Iraqi business out of the Iraqi screen and moving the wheel of artistic production drama after a stop lasted for nearly Four years.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the mobile phone companies in Zain Iraq and Asiacell in the presence of members of the Higher Committee in cooperation with the Media and Communications Authority, in which the project of the initiative was presented and its executive plan was launched. Support the Iraqi drama, which is the focal point in its intellectual, aesthetic and creative project to support and renaissance of Iraqi drama in light of the financial distress experienced by the country.

Abu Hail pointed out that the formation of the committee is an important step came after a series of meetings held by the Committee to support the Iraqi drama for a year and a half in order to promote the drama and re-hurry to turn on the correct and sound basis worthy of the artist and the Iraqi citizen and take them out of the dominance of the public sector and activate the contribution and funding The private sector of the Iraqi drama support fund to produce Iraqi art works as well as work on marketing them in Arabic and under the full care of the Central Bank and under the supervision of the Prime Minister.

He pointed out that the support of the private sector, including mobile phone companies, private banks, financial transfer companies and Iraqi businessmen, to the Iraqi drama support fund is not limited to funding limits, but includes sponsorship to produce new Iraqi dramas in form and content that will rise to Arab businesses if not competition, marketing and partnership. With the Iraqi artists in the framework of a comprehensive national task worthy of the artist and the Iraqi citizen, where the deposit of the supporters of funds in a special account of the Fund in a special account in the Central Bank of Iraq and under accounting procedures consistent with the controls and instructions in place.the bank .

For their part, the representatives of Zain Iraq and Asia Cell expressed their readiness to provide the financial support required for this fund in amounts that are rewarding and allowed by the budgets of these companies and the controls and procedures followed therein. Mr. Ali Al Zahid, Chief Executive Officer of Zain Iraq announced the donation of the company (four hundred thousand dollars) Manufacturers of Asia-Cell CEO for a similar amount.

Mr. Saleh Mahoud Salman, Director General of the Central Bank of Iraq, said that during the coming week, similar meetings will be held by the Governor of the Bank with the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, the Iraqi National Business Council and the financial transfer and banking companies.

The meeting of the Higher Committee for the presentation of the initiative and its comprehensive goals was held at 6:00 pm on Tuesday 15/8/2017 at the Mansour Al Mellia Hotel and attended by representatives of all the above mentioned parties as well as the supporting parties and a selection of Iraqi art stars, writers, directors and media in preparation for the conference of donors and supporters to be held. On the sixteenth of next September.