Fayyad: Complete the preparations for the liberation of Tal Afar and the crowd will participate effectively
Date of release: 2017/8/16
The head of the popular crowd, Faleh al-Fayyad, said Wednesday that the Popular Forces will participate in the liberation of the district of Tal Afar west of Nineveh effectively stressing the completion of preparations for the liberation of the judiciary
Al-Fayyad said in statements from the holy province of Karbala that the popular mobilization factions will participate actively in the liberation of the district of Tal Afar from gang-dodging criminal gangs
Fayyad stressed, the completion of all preparations for the launch of the battle to liberate Tal Afar, the last stronghold of the Nineveh
On the other hand, Fayadh pointed out that the step of the thirteenth brigade in establishing the camp to rehabilitate military vehicles and return them to service avoids the Iraqi state to spend large sums of money to import military equipment He described that work as "loyalty and loyalty to the religious reference and is one of the important and difficult jihadist acts" .
He added that the brigade represents an important military pillar of the Iraqi-Syrian border and provides the atmosphere and secure the border guards to take their primary role in those areas https://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/n...?storyid=64969