Parliament folding Grill page jumaili and finish reading the four laws {Extender}

2017/8/17 15:57

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

House voted at its fourteenth regular chaired by Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of Deputy 202 today on conviction answers Salman jumaili Agency Trade Minister and voting on laws and parliamentary resolution as he finished reading the four laws.

At the beginning of the meeting, Al-jibouri said a statement to the Chamber of Deputies received information {Euphrates news} copy today of "continuing the work of the House of representatives to the 24th of this month off and leave representatives to complete some important laws including the provincial elections law."

The President of the Council will vote on the first amendment to the Amnesty bill on the agenda of Saturday's meeting at the request of the legal Committee.

The Council voted on the conviction answers Salman jumaili, Minister of planning and Minister of Commerce Agency during interrogation, which was the last meeting after approval of the 104 deputies out of 202.

The Presidency decided to postpone completing a vote on a bill the provincial and district elections and of legal committees and provincial and territories of others in the region to a meeting on Saturday.

The Council voted on the proposed amendment of the law number 25 owners of 1960 as amended and submitted by the Commission on higher education and research for a long time on Angel's Act to achieve harmonization of functional titles attached to the law with the qualifications and competencies of graduates of colleges and scientific departments developed to achieve harmony between the nature of the work entrusted to them and giving them titles and degrees.

The Board completed the parliamentary resolution submitted by the legal Committee guarantees given land of liberation {gangster ISIS terrorist wings of heroes by all military formations and the armed factions of the Horde clan and the Commander in Chief of the armed forces joint operations and instructed all the popular crowd by allowing factions and no objection from the return of flood victims spend Al-Ba'aj and its villages and both Tel abeth and Kairouan and its villages to return to their homes after security checks to families that have nothing to do with terrorist and ISIS gangs within a maximum period of a month. One}.

The Council voted in principle on the health insurance bill responded to the Government at the request of the health and environment committees, labor and Social Affairs in order to submit a compromise formula for display later on the House of representatives.

Steensnaes said the Presidency consider appeals submitted to the health of some gentlemen Allen August for want of two thirds of members of Parliament.

Turning to interrogate Falah Hassan Zeidan, Minister of agriculture at the request of the Deputy Chairman of the Board, between Tai Zainab to a scheduled interrogation seen drag and write the number of signatures of supporters for questioning, noting that the legal opinion on interrogation request that signers of 42 deputies dropped to 35 deputies and make requests to withdraw the number of signatures the undersigned 23 deputies leading to disruption of the quorum request for questioning.

Juburi pointed to that Attorney Zainab Tai later presented the signatures request 25 deputies will handle new application contexts adopted to set a date for grilling the Minister of agriculture, stressing that the Parliament will not fail to offer oral questions and requests for questioning of 7 requests made were determined according to a schedule.

For her part, mp Zainab TAEE adherence to request questioning of Secretary of agriculture believing the oversight role of the House of representatives and do.

On another, the Council completed its first reading of the proposal first amendment law of MEW 53 number of 2017 and submitted by the Committee on energy and natural resources, oil and who came to the requirements and needs of the Ministry to achieve its objectives under the geographic breadth and lengths of power transmission lines and increase the number of distribution stations in order to create a national control centre to the Middle Euphrates area.

The Board completed the first reading of the proposal of the first amendment to the human organ transplant Regulation Act {11} number of 2017 and of health and environment committees, legal and religious affairs and human rights and who came to organize and facilitate transfers and human organ transplantation for therapeutic benefit to patients and inform the donor and confirmed and probable medical consequences.

The Board completed the report and discuss the proposed law mark the sacrifices of the martyrs of the war against terror and ISIS gangs th4e acceleration and the ICU with their wounded and submitted by the Committee of martyrs and victims and political prisoners.

And in the interventions of representatives, called the Attorney Fred Shaalan to fairly disingenuous create your backing them.
Councilwoman suggested that dry quick treatment and then cashed the State dues treatment to the injured.

Mp Abbas Al-Bayati demanded to accelerate proposed legislation law in recognition of the sacrifices made in defence of the country, demanding a time limit for the distribution of land to the families of martyrs and debts and loans.

Mp Riad, strange need to redress the sacrifices of martyrs and save their rights memorials commemorate them.

She invited Deputy Hanan's PM to installment Ka for debts of the wounded as martyrs.

Riboar Deputy Taha stressed the importance of focusing on the psychological and moral side of children of martyrs.

In turn, a student Attorney Ammar tastes honorary ranks of martyrs grants and curriculum with stories of martyrs and heroic positions.

She invited Deputy Farah Al-Zubaidi to prepare statistics on the number of martyrs and wounded and civilian coverage in the first article of the Bill.

In its reply to interventions, the Committee concerned to take into account all the views and proposals from ladies and gentlemen deputies and pass a law soon.

The Board completed the report and discussion of the draft law on ratification of the headquarters agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the International Committee of the Red Cross of the Foreign Relations Committee.

And in the interventions ladies and gentlemen stapes, an honest Prosecutor stressed the need to reject the agreement because the sectoral agreement reached is the Red Crescent and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is alluding to the serious content of the Convention being awarded the Red Cross workers and their families even after their immunity in Iraq.

Mohamed Naji lawmaker noted that the Convention was granted privileges and powers of the Red Cross has outweighed the privileges of diplomatic missions might affect national security.

Shaalan Attorney Fred called to review the agreement with the Red Cross and modified form which benefit Iraq.

Brilliant mp Najib demanded to know the Iraqi side's historical interests behind the Convention the legal basis for the work of the International Red Cross in light of reservations to the Convention.

In regard to House speaker confirmed a meeting today with the President of the Red Cross mission provided a detailed report about the aid and efforts by them in all provinces will provide the ladies and gentlemen of the Council copies of it for him.

In its reply to interventions, the Committee confirmed the official authorities concerned supported the ratification of the Convention and other States grant immunity to more than red.

The Presidency decided to postpone reading the report and discuss all of Bill appeal to interest law in the judgments and decisions concerning land ownership and of legal committees, agriculture and water and marshes, financial, deportees and displaced persons Bill and the Council of the Union of legal committees, regions and provinces in the territory as well as around the general topic of discussion about forming a Special Committee article {125} of the Constitution submitted by the mp Imad yokhna and the quarterly activity report of the Committee on Agriculture and water and marshes to a meeting on Saturday.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting to Saturday 19/8/2017.