During his meeting Kubler .. Ammar al-Hakim emphasizes the need to work out for Iraq from Chapter VII
On: Wed, 10/27/2011 16:08

Baghdad (news) .. confirmed representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations to support the International Organization for the initiatives and efforts to Ammar al-Hakim in the involvement of the youth for success and progress of the political process in Iraq and invest their energies and their potential enormous in the construction and reconstruction in the country.
This was the reception the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Martin Kobler envoy of UN Secretary-General MMA in Iraq in his office in Baghdad on Thursday.
to the stressed Ammar al-Hakim, the importance to take the UN role to help Iraq achieve full sovereignty after the departure of U.S. troops through the relentless pursuit to solve problems related to the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII and the lifting of international sanctions imposed on it since 1990.
He also congratulated the wise international envoy anniversary of the establishment of an international organization, valuing the role of the United Nations in promoting democracy and the sacrifices made, pointing to the death of UN envoy former Iraq Dimillo in a terrorist bombing in 2003.
in this context announced Kepler wanted to work on the transfer of missions and offices of the competent United Nations on Iraq to the territory of Iraq, noting that the security situation in Iraq better than the past, stressing his commitment to help the Iraqi people in different areas.
The Ammar al-Hakim had drawn attention to the There are many of the headquarters of UN missions competent in the affairs of Iraq does not remain outside Iraq, considering that it's that he gives the signal is good from the international organization to the world and on the nature of the security situation in Iraq, as it is difficult for these organizations to be effective and influential in the exercise of these roles from a distance.