Deputies of the National Alliance and a coalition of Iraqi and Kurdish blocs could form a majority government
On: Wed, 10/26/2011 19:08

Differences between law and Iraq's return to the forefront of Baghdad
said lead valuable Iraqi List, the list likely form a majority government at the end of the day in case of failure of political dialogues.
The leader of the list Osman Algehiche's (Citizen): »The positions of Iraqi MPs on the list will not remain in the government was not spur of the moment, but was based on the facts ».
He added, »said the state law were not serious Bnqachtha with the Iraqi List, where deliberately procrastination».
He pointed out »that state law did not honor its raised within the conventions of Arbil and still trying to delay political dialogues ».
He Algehiche »that dialogues pending on the Policy Council and the ministries of security and balance in government institutions and national reconciliation».
affirming »that Iraq has options in case of failure of the negotiations with the state law to form a majority government with the other blocs».
​​He pointed out that »MPs from the coalition National Coalition Alliance of Kurdistan and Iraq may constitute a majority government, but before that there are other options such as suspension of the negotiations Awalanzhab of the government ».
The leadership in a block of dialogue and MP / coalition in Iraq / Nahida Daini, has said that Iraq will not remain long in the Maliki government.
The Daini in a press statement on Wednesday: The Iraqi List, pressing towards the implementation of the Convention on Arbil, and we expect that what is witnessed by the current situation to pay the leaders of Iraq to withdraw from the current government, adding: If implemented Maliki demands of Kurdistan was not implemented our demands, there is no need for Iraqi to remain in the government.
She MP Iraqi: Iraqi MPs prefer to withdraw from the government and they are opposition bloc in the House of Representatives, due to lack of seriousness of the National Alliance, the implementation of what was agreed upon, and continued:
Iraqi Kurdistan pending a meeting to find out their position on the Convention on the Arbil.