Dhi Qar Environment calls for follow-up of "Flower of the Nile": this is the time of its appearance

Dhi Qar Environment Directorate on Tuesday called on the departments of the Ministry of Water Resources in the province and the Department of combating the Nile Flower in Wasit to monitor and follow up the flower plant of the Nile, which started to grow during the last period.

The director of the environment, Mohsen Aziz told Al-Ghad Press that "his department addressed a letter to the Department of Water Resources in Thi-Qar and the Department of combating the Nile Flower in Wasit, calling for the follow-up of the growth of this plant, which began to grow during the last period in a number of docks Water in Dhi Qar, "noting that" the plant has not been eliminated during the past period completely because of the primitive method that has been treated by. "

He explained that "there are two ways through which to eliminate this frightening plant, which is either a filter pesticide is environmentally friendly, or the method of bilogy, which is done through scientific studies, which is one of the best ways to eliminate the plant altogether," expressing "fear of the recurrence of the crisis that Caused by this plant last year. "

The plant "flower Nile" last year swept the marshes of the south and center of the country, as well as the rivers in those provinces, causing panic in the local authorities, the plant dried water because of the ability to evaporate large quantities of them in minutes.