Kurdish deputy warns of disaster: Iran cut off small Zab water

The deputy of the Kurdistan Change Bloc Amin Bakr on Tuesday criticized what he called the government’s silence on Iran cutting off the small Zab River from Iraq completely, warning that the river would dry up within a few days if Baghdad did not interfere.
Bakr said in an event that the Iranian government had four days ago cut off the water of the small Zab River from Iraq entirely under the shadow of a “strange government silence.” He pointed out that the small Zab, which flows from the Iranian border areas and enters Iraq through the castle of Daza, Rania and Dukan, Is of great importance in the form of a large proportion of imports of water of the Tigris River.
Bakr added that the Iranian government has been working for years to build two bridges on the river. “We have already warned the Iraqi government of the danger of this work on Iraq’s water share,” Bakr said, pointing out that the Iraqi government took no action until the danger became real.
Bakr said that the amount of water entering Dukan dam in the Iraqi territories from the small Zab before the days of thirty thousand cubic meters / second, but now the ratio is zero, explaining that what remains is a reservoir of water dam Dokan, which is not enough for the projects of drinking water Sulaimaniyah After the day the river will dry up completely.
He stressed that the dam is complete in Iran and is called the Sulkasht dam, which is located in Sardasht and has a water storage capacity of 800 million cubic meters. It needs a month to be filled, pointing out that there is a program for the Iranian government to return water to the Warneh lake, which has dried up for years and is trying to revive it from the Zab River Small.
Bakr criticized what he called the “strange government silence and disregard of the Ministry of Water Resources for this blatant violation of Iraq’s water quantity without taking into account the international laws relating to transboundary waters,” warning that the next few days will reach the drought along the river if the Iraqi government did not intervene On Iran to open the water of the river at a time that the peasants of those areas and the marshes suffer water scarcity during the hot summer. “