Rafidain operations reveal the existence of new plans for after "Daesh"

BAGHDAD / ... announced the commander of Iraq operations , Major General Ali Ibrahim Dbon Almksusi, Tuesday, preparing new security plans for the post after the liberation of the city of Mosul from terrorist groups focused on activating the intelligence role and the redeployment of security forces boycotted responsibility within the four provinces of Maysan, Wasit and Dhi Qar and Muthanna .

Said Almksusi in a press statement received by "Eye of Iraq News," that " the General Command of the Armed Forces directives focused on the preparation of new security plans that keep pace with the needs of each cutter security to ensure security and stability through re - defensive positions the order inside and outside the cities ."

He added, "It will also focus on the intelligence effort to monitor any suspicious movement trying Nile from the southern provinces, which has achieved great success during the last period, which missed the opportunity to terrorist groups in the implementation of the so - called invasion of Ramadan, which ended in failure by the intelligence effort in providing important information to military cuts which stuck to the ground . "

He said the commander of Iraq operations, said that " the security services within the boycotted Iraq operations asses completely during the Eid al - Fitr period in conjunction with the prospects of targeting southern provinces security by terrorist groups to ease the pressure in the city of Mosul and the Nile from those achieved victories of the security services ."

He also stressed the "operational command treated in a new and fast with any intelligence whatever the proportion under the direction of caution from any possible targeting of those groups that seek continuously to destabilize security in the whole of Iraq in conjunction with the end and the declaration of victory in the liberation of the city of Mosul." Finished 2