Meat of cats and grass food residents of areas governed by a dipper in Mosul

Residents of the city of Mosul in areas still under the control of an organization calling on the western side of the city live in a tragic situation that reached the extent of eating the meat of cats and grasses.

The 30-year-old young man, "the son of Mosul," told the title he had chosen for himself, "Al-Ghad Press", how survival in the areas ruled by a fad has become a fantasy.

"Those who do not die with guns and daily shelling will die of starvation or thirst," he said after he thanked God for having managed to escape with his family.

"It came to us to eat the cats' meat after slaughtering and slaughtering them for lack of food," he said after arriving in the eastern part of the city. "It is a tragedy, but we have survived."

"Militant gunmen are selling water to the population, and it is not suitable for drinking, but there is no alternative to us," he said.

The joint Iraqi forces are waging a large-scale military campaign to free the last bastions of a pro-Islamic organization in the old city of Mosul.

Iraqi soldiers clashed face to face with Da'ash fighters in neighborhoods and alleys of the old city, where most of the roads were broken by the organization, to save some 100,000 residents of Mosul, holding them as human shields.