Abadi congratulates Eid al-Fitr: I wish I could be good for Iraqis, who are preparing for the post-Daesh
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BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:
congratulated the Prime Minister, Haider al - Abadi, on Sunday, the Iraqi people by the Eid al - Fitr, wishing to return good for Iraqis who are preparing for the post - terrorism
Ebadi said in a statement, received by "Tomorrow 's Press," that with solutions for the days of Eid al - Fitr and the victory of our forces near the final heroine on Daesh terrorist gangs I extend my sincere congratulations and blessings to my name with all Iraqis and their color denominated this occasion
He added that I hope to return to the Iraqis always good and the blessings they are united against their enemies and prepare for the post - terrorism , which will be a springboard for a new life filled with their aspirations and wishes in a safe country and cream
He went on I salute our fighters heroes they last chapters of the battle of honor against the terrorist Daesh write, calling on God Almighty to be the days of all Iraqis holidays raptures, and every year Iraqis enjoy security, peace and prosperity https://www.alghadpress.com/news/107...8%A8%D8%B9%D9%