KRG Decries Attack Attempt on Mecca’s Grand Mosque

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has condemned the terrorist attack attempt on Mecca’s Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia, saying that the terrorists have proven commitment to no humanistic, religious and ethic values.

The KRG once again called on the international community to take more serious and urgent measures in order to dry up the financial, ideological, military and logistic sources of terrorism worldwide.

The press release touched on the ongoing efforts and sacrifices made by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces who have been encountering terrorism on the forefront of the battles, reiterating that the Kurds will continue the fight to defend civilisation and all its values against terrorism.

The KRG also offered condolences to the government of Saudi Arabia and the families of those affected.Last Friday, Saudi interior ministry said that a terrorist had blown himself after his plan to attack Mecca’s Grand Mosque was foiled and he was surrounded by the security forces in a nearby neighbourhood.The suspect refused to comply with the demands to surrender, opened fire on security forces and then killed himself, officials said.