Diyala: Construction of the largest investment tourism project in Muqdadiya

The head of the local council for Muqdadiya in Diyala province, Adnan al-Tamimi, announced on Sunday the launch of the largest and first investment tourism project in the judiciary.
Tamimi said that the investor started building the first investment tourist project in the judiciary in accordance with the license granted to him by the Investment Authority with a capital exceeding one million dollars.
He added that the project is a city of major tourist games in the district teachers in the judiciary, pointing out that it will be implemented on an area of ​​more than 15 dunums, and the duration of implementation installed in the contract is two and a half.
Al Tamimi added that the tourist city which will be completed during the coming period includes a city of integrated games consisting of amusement games for children as well as several swimming pools as well as 4 major halls of events as well as the construction of centers and shops surrounding it, indicating that it is the largest investment tourism project and the first of its kind In the judiciary according to modern design.
He pointed out that it will have positive effects on the province of Muqdadiya in general as it is one of the important factors of public polarization that will be accomplished in the judiciary during the coming period.
The district of Muqdadiya is one of the most important strategic districts in Diyala province. During the past three years, the Muqdadiya district has been subjected to numerous sabotage operations, which were left behind by a pre-emptive organization before it was liberated by the security forces and the popular mobilization forces.