Deputy for the rule of law: Iraq has not and will not bow to the interests with countries that support and export and finance terrorism
MP of the coalition of state law, Mohamed Chihod, said Saturday that Iraq can not frame its political relations with regional countries, unless there is sincerity in intentions and actions, pointing out that Iraq is an important axis in the region.

"Iraq, with its wealth and its people, is an important and effective axis in the region, which can not be inclined to this or that axis," he said in a statement. "Iraq represents the axis of resistance to terrorism, and today it represents an important axis. In itself, being a regional force fighting terrorism on behalf of the world. "

"Iraq rejects all forms of intellectual, religious, social, cultural and economic terrorism and will not be a neutral or silent party against the global terrorism that is gnawing at the body of Arab and Islamic peoples," he said.

"It is in the interests of the neighboring countries and the region to respect the sovereignty of Iraq and the people, and to take a supporting role, not a hotbed of terrorism and shelter for those wanted from the Iraqi judiciary."

"Iraq has not and will not yield to the interests of countries that support, export and finance terrorism, because it has made great sacrifices for many years. It is fighting treacherous Takfiri terrorism and it has been plagued by traitorous politicians and conspirators who have recruited themselves under regional and international intelligence authorities to shed the blood of the Iraqi people," he said.

He pointed out that "Iraq can not frame its foreign political relations with regional and international countries unless there is sincerity in the intentions and actions."

It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, had visited last week, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait, in official visits addressed to him official invitations, during which he discussed the relations of Iraq with the countries of the region and eliminate the Daash, and the latest developments in the Gulf crisis Qatar, Relating to the invasion of Iraq during the regime of Kuwait.