Maliki's coalition, the Conference of the Year: nature and my brothers paid the price
News Journal June 24, 2017

BAGHDAD - The Journal News
MP said about the "coalition of the rule of law" high Nassif, the "Year Conference" to be held in Baghdad next month, will come "the nature of my brothers paid a reference price", warning that the "National Alliance" to give any legitimacy to this conference.

She explained Nassif, in a statement seen by źNews Journal╗ on Thursday, he said that "the majority of people selected to attend the planned conference, are the Muslim Brotherhood, and self-evident that each of these people will choose another of his party."

She added: "bottom line will be the general nature of the Conference Ikhwani, that reference is assumed that they came out to represent a component of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood is a reference purely, this first outlet at the conference."

Also renewed member of the Legal Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, the frequent assertions about the parking, accusing regional countries involved in supporting and financing terrorism, which struck Iraq behind this conference.

She noted in this regard, that "the five countries sponsoring this Brotherhood Conference are both (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan) and these countries will choose 25 Sunni figure to participate in it, by five names chosen by each state, and each character you choose another character" .

As part of its criticism of the conference expected, Nassif revealed, "saying that the money will pay to the figures will participate in it, like the money paid to the sit-ins owners who paved the way to enter information (Daesh), this means that there is a project could bring the country to zero."

She continued: "We Anmana of the Conference of the Sunni component officially in Baghdad, but we encourage that there be a specific reference moderate and personalities contribute to the strengthening of the political process and have a strong presence in their environment, but the reference that those countries will be issued to Iraq are unfortunately Muslim Brotherhood reference paid and carrying foreign agendas. "

Nassif, "National Alliance" - the largest political bloc representing the Shiites in Iraq - and called for "good selection of its partners in the post (Daesh) and the lack of courtesy of his hand stained with the blood of Iraqis and those who want to repeat the same marketing again."

She concluded her statement, stressing that "other than a good choice, the Iraqi people and the coalition are the public who pay the price, and the latter will bear the national and moral responsibility if this gave legitimacy to the suspect in the conference Ajindath."