Cast the piloted pillars at Karbala International Airport

23/06/2017 05:17 | Number of readings: 88

Trend Press / Karbala

The implementing company of the Karbala International Airport project started casting the experimental pillars of the terminal building at the airport.

"We started today to pour three experimental substrates 60 and 80 cm for the terminal building which is being implemented by AMTC in accordance with the specifications," said Tayyip Press, an engineer at Tiba Karbala. International use of international airports ".

For his part, Engineer Alaa Faeq said in the UAE company, according to the statement that "the area of ​​the first part of the building passengers lounge is more than 36 thousand square meters of the total area of ​​120 thousand square meters according to specifications prepared by the Office (architects D5) British assisted by (mott macdonalds ).

On January 23, 2017, the General Secretariat of the Husseiniya threshold laid the foundation stone for the Karbala International Airport project.

According to plans for the project, the landing of the first aircraft at the airport will be 24 months after the laying of the foundation stone.