Members of Congress form the "Iraq Gathering": We stand for a one-stop removal
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Thread: Members of Congress form the "Iraq Gathering": We stand for a one-stop removal

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    Members of Congress form the "Iraq Gathering": We stand for a one-stop removal

    Members of Congress form the "Iraq Gathering": We stand for a one-stop removal from Iraq

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) -

    A number of members of the US Congress who formed the "Iraq Gathering" on Friday sent a message of support to Speaker of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, confirming that they stand one-stop to remove a preacher from Iraq.

    "As members of the US Congress and the Iraqi Coalition, we write this letter to express our continued support for the Iraqi government, our belief in global security, and the interest of the United States to continue to achieve a strong partnership between Iraq and the United States," the letter said. On the values ​​of democracy for Iraq and its people ".

    "They continue to stand beside you, along with all those who helped the United States and risked their lives with American soldiers, and with Iraqi soldiers, who are still in an uphill fight since January 2014," he said.

    "More than 27,000 Iraqi civilians have been martyred because of brutal brutality and more than 14,000 Iraqi forces have also been martyred in fighting against Da'ash. We are fully aware of the importance of removing this cancer from the region and stand by one stop to continue support for the removal of Saddam from Iraq."

    "The Iraqi security forces have inflicted heavy losses on the ranks of Dahesh and with the help of US forces and together they liberated the city of Fallujah in 2016, a city where both the US and Iraqi sides have sacrificed in the past. The re-take of Mosul was a big step in the right direction. "We hope that Iraq will be completely safe from any threat."

    "The American people and the fighters who have served their duty in Iraq know better than anyone else the size of these sacrifices made by our brothers and sisters in order to bring peace and a secure future for Iraq.

    They witnessed with great eyes the magnitude of the casualties of Americans and Americans who were in military service alongside Iraqi citizens And we appreciate all these sacrifices from both sides. We assure you of continued full support for the provision of assistance to Iraq and its people who are now being expelled from their country and to ensure that they are not reconstituted again. "

    "As members of the US Congress, we assure you that the United States continues to stand by you, and we have established a partnership based on the sacrifice we have sacrificed together and we hope to work together for a better future for Iraq and its people," they said.

    The letter was signed by Adam Kensinger, Seth Milton, Mike Galliger, Duncan Hunter, Anthony G. Brown, Robin Gallego, Susan Davis, Jim Banks, Ellis Hastings, Michael T. McCullough, Trent Kelly and Ted W. Liu.

    During his visit to Washington, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met on Tuesday (March 21st) at the Congress building of the "Support Iraq" group, which includes a group of members of the US House of Representatives.

    It is noteworthy that a number of members of the US Congress, recently formed a gathering called the "Iraq Support Group", in order to support Iraq in its fight against terrorism, through their platform as deputies in Congress.
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