Diyala Council announces the launch of the province budget for 2017

Diyala Provincial Council Chairman Ali al-Daini announced on Thursday the launch of the province’s budget for the current year, noting that the total number of projects in the province is more than 360 projects and that the current budget is only 2% of the requirements for work in construction and reconstruction projects.
Daini said that the central government launched the budget of Diyala for the current year, amounting to 21 billion dinars only after waiting for many months, “adding that” the Council will hold formal meetings after the holiday to vote on the mechanisms of the distribution of funds on service projects.
Al-Daini pointed out that the Council is facing a very complex task because the total number of suspended projects reaches more than 360 projects, most of them with high achievement rates. “Diyala’s current budget is only 2% of the requirements for construction and construction projects.
Diyala has been suffering for three consecutive years from a stifling financial crisis that has led its debts to companies and contractors to more than 600 billion dinars, according to local officials.