ISIS children turn themselves in to security forces in Mosul - MoD

ISIS' children and teenagers have turned themselves in to the security forces, Iraqi Ministry of Defense (MoD) revealed in a statement on Thursday.

In the statement, the ministry said that ISIS had exploited children and adolescents' hunger to force them to join its terrorists in Mosul.

It also noted that after ISIS terrorists besieged residents of Mosul, the city suffered from food shortage, pointing out that this led young people and children living in the city to resort to unlawful means to get food such as theft.

This give ISIS chance to exploit those young people, threatening them either to be affiliated to the group or have their hands cut as punishment, it stated.

According to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, teenagers of Mosul were under pressure to acquiesce and join the terrorist group.

However, it said that those youngsters did not shed blood of their fellow citizens, adding that they surrendered to security forces and expressed regret.

In May, The UNICEF warned in a report that Iraq's children are m venerable to recruitment by armed groups.

Children in Iraq are suffering from the ongoing military conflict, without equitable access to quality education, which puts them at high risk in the future, it noted.

It added that 40 percent of displaced families suffer from poverty and 50 percent of displaced children in Iraq dropped out of school.