Exclusive Infographic: Police campaign progress against ISIS in Mosul

As the battle against ISIS terrorists in the right bank of Mosul is nearing its end, Federal Police forces are facing a fierce fight against the terrorist group.

Federal Police Rapid response forces, 2nd armored division and 6th division are currently pushing deep in the northern front of al-Shefaa neighborhood.

The southern front witnessed clashes between ISIS terrorists, Federal Police 3rd and 5th divisions during their advance toward their targets in the Old City of Mosul district.

The 9th division forces also recaptured many buildings in the district after inflicting heavy casualties on ISIS terrorists.

Meanwhile, Federal Police artillery continued their shelling efforts on ISIS targets with the assistance of intelligence information.

Federal Police forces also use drones to spot ISIS movements in the district to ease its mission to recapture the war-torn city, senior commanders in the Federal Police told The Baghdad Post.

These efforts come as part of offensive launched on the 19th of February by the US-backed Iraqi security forces, supported by Iranian-backed sectarian IMIS Shiite militias, to oust ISIS terrorists from Mosul, their last major stronghold in Iraq.