Economy News _ Baghdad:

Yasser mutawalli

ISO landmark franchise and get global companies as a testament discretionary do not need to review or doubt .. When you read ISO on any product you can adopt it and use it without any doubt or scrutiny.

Trade Bank of Iraq won this prestigious for the first time in Iraq certificate and the first institution of the financial and banking sector institutions.

This major in the performance of the Transitional Bank but confirms the Iraqi ability to improve the achievements of acclaimed.

The most important event that Mafi ISO missed the final race before and after the phase change.

This means the accomplishment of the Iraqi Bank Tjarhbkiedth Cheba and his team was able to revive this coherent favorite certificate internationally in dealing with the product obtained.

We hope that the production and service companies that Thzouhdhu this done, but now the doors wide open as long as the Iraqi Trade Bank to lift the siege on the monopoly of this certificate outside the walls of Iraq.

Words of thanks and praise for not enough for the Champions investigators this great victory under conditions in which the greatest need Mancon to bring our capabilities to this challenge very much hope the best to achieve this is the Iraqis didn Abah.