Trade begins by processing the material "flour" to the connector after a break of 3 years
The General Company for grain production in the Ministry of Commerce announced on Tuesday, immediately cut off the lists of processing flour for Mosul families after a break for three years, while the share of April 7414 bag of flour.

The company's general manager, Taha Yassin Abbas, said in a statement, "Al-Ghad Press" a copy of it, that "the company's branch started the cutting and processing operations, which is an important step to restore the normal situation of the company's work in the province after the operation of a number of mills liberated in the province," pointing to That "it would contribute to the stability and smooth processing of families throughout the Nineveh province after liberation."

He added that "the total quantities processed during the share of April in the liberated areas and IDP camps amounted to 7414 bags of flour, distributed to the center of the supply of Almamon 2413 bag of flour and the center of catering Shoura 1969 bag and camp Kor 1475 bag and camp Alnarklip 864 bags and the camp 693 bag of flour.

He stressed that "the process of processing is conducted at a high pace and under the direct supervision of the Department of the branch and the Department of Trade Supervision and the Office of the Inspector General in Nineveh, in order to equip families in the liberated areas on both sides of Mosul and camps shelter displaced flour in the ration card.