Barzani: Referendum decision is made, there is no turning back

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region –

There is no turning back from the decision to hold a referendum on independence, Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani told a visiting delegation from Baghdad that included the Iraqi parliament speaker.

“The Kurdish referendum is a decision that there will be no turning back from. The Kurdistan Region works to practice its own rights without violence and through peaceful means of dialogue and understanding with Iraqi parties,” Barzani told the Baghdad officials, according to a statement from the presidency’s office.

Salim al-Jabouri, Iraq parliament speaker, visited Barzani in Salahadin on Monday, accompanied by MPs and party representatives.

Jabouri had previously warned against any project that seeks to turn Iraq into “small states,” telling people who want to do so should seek life elsewhere.

In their meeting, Barzani also discussed factors that have caused violations of the Iraqi constitution.

They also discussed the security situation, the war against ISIS, the situation of displaced Iraqis, and Iraqi elections, according to the statement.