Abadi Said that Iraq's Aim is to Achieve New Relations to Neighboring Countries

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Sunday that Iraq's political decision is independent, while calling on all politicians to stop the language of political dichotomy.

"The victory of the Iraqis and the liberation of their land opens a new era for a strong and stable Iraq," Abadi said in a statement issued on the sidelines of a meeting with a number of media and political analysts. "Iraq's political decision is independent and we are investigating the interest of our people above all, .

He added that "our foreign relations are based on the superiority of the supreme interest of Iraq and its people and away from convulsions and axes and win friends instead of increasing enemies," calling for "focus on development and fight corruption and not allow the return of terrorism in the next stage."

"Iraq must be a confluence, not a conflict zone, an intersection and a rivalry, and we do not want our land to become a battlefield for wars," Abadi said.

He pointed out that "we have a large and extensive work to rebuild the cities of Iraq and to extend security throughout the country."

On his visit to the neighboring countries, Abadi said that it was "agreed in advance", pointing out that "we aim to achieve new relations with neighbors not based on conflicts, but on understandings, and cooperate seriously against terrorism."

He called on all politicians to "stop the language of political dichotomy," noting that "serve only the enemy, and tarnish the reputation of their country before the world."