Railways are looking with an Islamic bank to pay salaries to its employees through the smart card
Economy News Baghdad Last updated 06/17/2017
- 13:34
It started the company public railway iron, its negotiations with the Bank of the Islamic World to convert the salaries of its employees to the system card smart
It said the company in a statement news received " Economy News " , it is " based on the guidance of the Director of the company 's public railway iron engineer Salam Jaber Salloum and follow - up of assistant engineer Ali Abdul - Hussein Valley, held a meeting collection managers Section financial and legal with the Director of the Commissioner of the Bank of the Islamic World and profile officials executives so as to discuss the offer submitted by them for the purpose of converting the salaries of the staff of the railway to the system card smart
She added that " from during the meeting never officials at the bank's flexibility full and their desire to add privileges to the staff of the railway when Aguetnaihm this card is represented by adding the possibility of buying inside Iraq Dinar Iraqi and when movement outside of Iraq, the dollar and the possibility of packaged from through the employee to enjoy the benefits of buying electronic goods as well as shopping mail