Umniah al-Basra: Some tribal conflict-hitters are still out of state control

The head of the Security Committee in the Council of Basra Jabbar al-Saadi, on Saturday, tribal sheikhs to implement the law, noting that some of the perpetrators of clan conflicts are still outside the control of the state.

Al-Saadi said in a statement to Al-Ghad Press that "there is a strong follow-up on the criminals of tribal conflict-makers by the Basra Operations Command, the Police Command and the Dispute Resolution Committees."

"Although Iraq is preoccupied with a war of intimidation and terrorists, the existing security force is sufficient to arrest those who violate the law," Saadi said, calling on tribal leaders to "enforce the law on some of the culprits who are still out of state control and outside the arrests."

It is noteworthy that the province of Basra and the southern provinces, witnessing armed clan conflicts that killed dozens, while the security forces ordered by the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces Haider Abadi, to launch a campaign of arrests on the triggers of those conflicts and the confiscation of weapons from the clans and restricted by the state.