Electricity: Demonstrations yesterday in Basra for the excesses refuse to pay regular participation
The Ministry of Electricity, Saturday, that the demonstrations that took place on Friday in the area of ​​competencies in the province of Basra, carried out by citizens crossing the electricity grid and refuse to pay regular participation or set standards in their homes.

The ministry's media office said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press that "the Ministry of Electricity wants to clarify to the media and public opinion that the pictures of the demonstrations and the burning of tires carried out by a number of citizens of indiscriminate bypassing the competence area in the province of Basra, And the refusal of the people of the region to participate in the system, and set standards for them, in order to replace them, and their insistence on the monument converted and the continuation of the case of overruns without the participation of the fundamentalist, and this is contrary to the law and instructions.

He explained that "this situation is negative, and the ministry is seeking to deliver power to them," adding that "there are a number of media dealing with these cases in a way contrary to the truth, to inflame public opinion, and make the goal that works and work for it as a media in the presentation and delivery Facts to the public out of reach. "
Dozens of residents of the Haritha district, north of Basra, cut off the road leading to Baghdad by burning tires in protest at the power outages in their area.