Central Bank: We are not responsible for the loss of 17 billion dollars

26/10/2011 Sumerian News / Baghdad denied the Iraqi Central Bank, on Wednesday, claimed responsibility for the loss of the $ 17 billion from the Development Fund for Iraq, which was created after the war in 2003, stressing that the Bank's mandate in the management of Fund was a formality in the era of U.S. civil administrator Bremer. The deputy governor of the Iraqi Central Bank Mazhar Mohammad Saleh in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Development Fund for Iraq, which opened on behalf of the Central Bank of Iraq and let the Reserve Bank of American, not the central bank responsible for management, but the power to dispose of withdrawals and deposit and orders to the exchange were the responsibility of the civil administrator Paul Bremer, "noting that" the Bank had the powers of formal and not real in the management of the Fund until the receipt of Iraqi sovereignty on 28 June 2004. " Saleh added that "the bank was not responsible for the loss of the $ 17 billion, but the amounts lost in the era of the civil administrator Paul Bremer, "pointing out that" the American side is the one who took the initiative to investigate the loss of these funds in 2005 after a suspicious behavior of financial incorrect. " and that the benefit of "The Central Bank of Iraq and since the receipt of the Development Fund for Iraq checking accounts are a fundamentalist, and there is continued scrutiny and reliable operations of exchange and deposit of funds deposited into the Development Fund of Iraq." The Deputy President of the U.S. central bank that "Iraq has formed a committee to follow up the money lost under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister and the membership of the Minister Foreign Affairs, Justice, Finance and Financial Control and the Governor of the Central Bank, as well as senior advisors in the Iraqi government to follow up this file, "stressing that" Iraq can not give up, because this money back to the Iraqi people. " The Development Fund for Iraq, DFI was established in May of the year 2003, by the Director of the Coalition Provisional Authority was recognized, by a decision of the Security Council of the United MMA 1483 and after the dissolution of the Coalition Provisional Authority in June of 2004, was mandated by the U.S. government by the Government of Iraq to manage the funds of the Development Fund for Iraq, which had for reconstruction projects, and the U.S. Department of Defense Department funds the fund on behalf of the U.S. government, has been withdrawn authorization as of December 31, 2007. A report by the U.S. Defense Department confirmed that an investigation conducted and showed that the funds in the reconstruction program the U.S. provided to Iraq in 2004 and was It lost in mysterious circumstances, were not lost was not stealing, but was transferred to the Iraqi Central Bank which is found it is now. The Integrity Committee in the Iraqi parliament and issued in June 2011, a formal letter to the United Nations says that the "data all indicate that the institutions of the United States in Iraq, committed corrupt financially through the theft of $ 6.6 billion allocated for the reconstruction program the U.S.. It is expected to issue another report on the audit in January 2012, on the amount of $ 2.8 billion used by the agencies under the Ministry of Defense, including the Corps of Engineers U.S. Army to take actions reconstruction projects in Iraq. The Iraqi Council of Ministers announced on 6 October 2011, the formation of a special committee to follow the disappearance of $ 17 billion from the Development Fund for Iraq, and periodically report monthly to the Committee to Protect Iraq's money, noting that it includes representatives of the Ministry of Finance The Office of Financial Supervision and the Central Bank.