Senior IS Media Official Killed in Afghanistan
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Thread: Senior IS Media Official Killed in Afghanistan

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    Senior IS Media Official Killed in Afghanistan

    Senior IS Media Official Killed in Afghanistan

    US military on Friday confirmed in a statement the death of a top Islamic State (IS) media official in Afghanistan as well as the destruction of a media center of the organization in the country.

    The statement said Jawad Khan, the senior director of the IS organization in its self-proclaimed Wilayat of Khorasan (Afghanistan) was killed in a June 3 airstrike in Achin, Nangarhar province.

    The major media production center for the group was also razed in the offensive and thus the group's connections to its main branch in Syria have been disrupted.

    The statement indicated Khan's elimination "will deprive the group of an experienced media production director and skilled propagandist."

    The death of the official and the damages to IS center "will degrade their recruitment process and hinder their attempts to conduct international operations," Commander Gen. John Nicholson was quoted in the statement.

    The statement said there were no civilian casualties associated with the strike.
    Also on Friday there were reports that Pentagon will send 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. The Defense Department refuted the reports, saying no final decisions have been made thus far.

    The US currently has about 8,400 troops in Afghanistan and the reinforcement is said to help in overcoming a standoff in the 16-year war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda and newer terrorist groups as IS.


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