Parliamentary elections reveal "financial promises" from the United Nations for reconstruction

The Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, on Friday, the promises of the United Nations to help Iraq from its financial allocations for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism, stressing that the size of budgets for the coming years is not sufficient without international support.

"The federal budget is not enough for the reconstruction of the areas destroyed by the Dahesh," said Najiba Najib, a member of the committee. "The international community has a responsibility to help Iraq financially in reconstruction."

"The reconstruction process must be studied in a realistic way, including demining, rubble and the creation of cities to become livable," she said.

"Iraq has received a promise from the United Nations special grant of its budget, and European countries as well as the United States of America promised us financial assistance for reconstruction," noting that "Iraq fought terrorism on behalf of the world and our support for their duty."

"Fighting the corruption and spending the money in its rightful place is the first challenge facing Iraq to complete the reconstruction process," she said, adding that "the areas that have been damaged as a result of receiving and caring for the displaced are supposed to have a share of these funds."

Many Iraqi cities in the western and northern regions have been damaged by the war since 2014, which have reached their final stages in the old city of Mosul. The information indicates significant future moves to secure the border with Syria towards al-Qaim.