Trade supplies Mosul with 12,000 bags of sugar
The Ministry of Commerce announced on Friday that the supply of 12 thousand bags of sugar, delivered by 23 trucks loaded with sugar from the stores of Salah al-Din.

"The ministry has sent 23 truckloads of 12,000 bags of sugar to the stores of Mosul Bazawaya and al-Alil bath," the director general of the food company in the ministry, Bassem Hamoud, told Al-Ghad Press. "The sugar was divided by 10,000 bags , And 2000 bags for the stores of Hammam al-'Al camp. "

He confirmed that "the quantity was provided from the stores of Salah al-Din branch, which is part of the campaign launched by the ministry a few days ago for the relief of the people of Nineveh."

He pointed out that "the ministry closely follows the storage and processing of liberated areas and camps of displaced persons, according to the monthly quota," pointing to "near the announcement of the processing of all areas to the delivery of very large quantities of ration card items (edible oil and sugar)."

On Wednesday (June 14th), the General Company for Food Trade in the Ministry of Commerce announced the mobilization of its fleet of food carriers (edible oil and sugar) to the Mosul stores.