Musallamawi: There is no legal or constitutional ground for the separation of the region

Editorial Date: 16/6/2017 20:30 30 times scheduled

(Babil: Euphrates News) MP from the mass of citizen Salim al-Musallamawi rejected any separatist tendencies of the Kurdistan region, warning the presidency of the region of the effects of bad may result from moving in this direction.

"The Iraqi government will not agree to any secessionist move, and there is no legal or constitutional ground for that, especially since the term of the president of the province, Massoud Barzani, has ended and he is not entitled to take such a decision, and the parliament did not vote for that," Musallamawi said in a press statement. .

He called Muslimmawi MP for the province of Babil Barzani to "retreat from the separation of the province so as not to have any adverse effects in the coming days on the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan region."

He noted that "the negotiations between the central government and the provincial government to solve the problems of the region has come an important way and such statements are intended to block any solutions."

A number of political parties in the Kurdistan region have identified in a meeting in the past few days in Erbil on the 25 September next date for a referendum on the independence of the province from Iraq while the President of the province Massoud Barzani, the Electoral Commission in the region to take necessary to implement.

The referendum resolution was met with an international rejection in its introduction to the Turkish foreign ministry, which considered the referendum a "catastrophic mistake", stressing the importance of the territorial integrity of Iraq.

While the US State Department expressed concern that the referendum would divert attention from the fight against gangs and called for terrorism. Finished