"Powers" welcomes the convening of a reconciliation conference in Baghdad

Journal News June 16, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

The Union of National Forces (FNP) on Friday welcomed initiatives by Sunni parties to hold a reconciliation conference in Baghdad.

"The coalition of forces bless the real projects away from the personal reconciliation that is in the interest of the Iraqi citizen," said the deputy of the Alliance of Forces, Raad al-Dahlaki, in a statement to the Journal News that "the Sunni forces in Iraq need a real meeting to draw The political process in the next phase. "

Dahlaki expressed his hope that "the reconciliation conference in the capital away from personal gains, and meets the ambition of the component" Sunni "and the drawing of a real political map in the next phase.

As for the date of the elections, Dahlaki said "at the moment is a real confiscation of the votes of the sons of those provinces, which were liberated soon from the control of (Daqsh) and most of them are still between displacement and displacement."

"Those who insist on holding the elections on time are supposed to return the displaced and rebuild the cities first so that the voters have the hope to go to the polls and have a strong and active participation in the elections."

He added that "holding the elections in time on time set in violation of democracy in Iraq and the confiscation of the real votes of the sons of the" Sunni "provinces.

Press reports on the Sunni forces continue to hold conferences outside Iraq to rebuild the Sunni house and to develop a roadmap for the political process in Iraq, at a time called for the Secretary-General of the Arab project, required for the Iraqi judiciary Khamis Al-Khanjar "partners home to sit in Baghdad to chart a new era, Pivotal independent of regional interventions ".