Allawi talks about internal affairs: must be frank and clear to eliminate terrorism
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Thread: Allawi talks about internal affairs: must be frank and clear to eliminate terrorism

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    Allawi talks about internal affairs: must be frank and clear to eliminate terrorism

    Allawi talks about interfering in internal affairs: must be frank and clear to eliminate terrorism
    Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi on Thursday stressed the need for frankness and openness with regard to the efforts to eradicate terrorism and counter extremism, especially in view of the current developments in the region.

    In a statement to reporters, Alawi said, after meeting with Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Abul Gheit, "We must face things firmly and decisively and put forward clearly and call things by their names, and we have the ability to complement each other. "He said.

    He added that there is terrorism and regression and there are problems experienced by our Arab countries and must be frank and revealing is the lady of the situation in order to reach the shores of the Arabs of peace and stability.

    In response to a question about Iran's interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries, Allawi called for a joint Arab effort to prevent not only Iran but also any external interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries.

    "All that has happened so far has been enough to intervene in Arab affairs," Allawi said. "Arab sovereignty and the sovereignty of our countries must be guaranteed," he said, stressing the need to avoid any influence in any way as a fundamental and central issue.

    Allawi expressed his appreciation to the League of Arab States and its Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit, pointing out that there is a shortcoming by the Arab countries towards the Arab League and support, which should be amended as the institution that represents the minimum Arab solidarity.

    Allawi said that his meeting with Aboul Gheit dealt with the Arab concerns and the concerns of Iraq and the region in detail and Iraq in the post-stage and the process of political process in Iraq and prepare for the new elections. The meeting also discussed the repercussions of the situation in the region due to what is happening in Syria and others and the new divisions that started to surface in Many Arab countries.

    He added that Egypt was the backbone of stability in the region and should support Egypt and must support Iraq to rid itself of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism. Political and Iraq to be one of the important elements and states in securing and stabilizing the region.

    In response to a question about what has reached the efforts of Iraq to eliminate the organization calling for terrorism, Allawi said that these efforts are advanced and eliminate the preacher has become around the corner and what is important to us after the elimination of an advocate, stressing that it is also important how to fortify Iraqi society and how to believe in Extremist ideas and terrorism in the future, which was discussed during his meeting with the Secretary-General of the Arab League.

    In this context, Alawi called for greater attention and role for the Arab League on Iraq because the safety of Iraq will contribute to the safety of the region. The safety of Egypt will contribute to the safety of the region and the League of Arab States will be the Arab solidarity and move in this context. "He said.

    On the reconstruction efforts in the affected areas after defeating the terrorist organization in Iraq, Allawi said, "The first important phase is the salvation of the military and then the political side comes to include the economic side and the reconstruction of the areas that destroyed and return and return the displaced people and treat them . ⁠⁠


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