Change the Islamic group refused to activate the Kurdistan Regional Parliament
14:12 am (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Spokesman said the MDC Shoresh Haji, Wednesday, the movement rejected a proposal made by the two parties Democratic Presidents, the National Union Alcardstanian to activate the Parliament of the region.
The group has held a formal meeting is the first since the death of its leader Mustafa Nushirwan to discuss a bipartisan agreement to activate the Parliament of the region.
Haji said in an interview televised through the official satellite channel for the movement of change that "must activate the Kurdistan region's parliament under his chairmanship and the current lack of change."
He added that "the followers of any other way to activate the parliament without the current presidency, it is not acceptable to us."
He said Haji that "any step without changing the system of government and a fundamental reform of the political process will exacerbate the situation in Kurdistan, noting that the parliament in order to activate the truce, and legitimize the crisis is unacceptable."
For his part, the Islamic Party, said the group rejected the activation of the Kurdistan region's parliament without reference to the rest of the political parties and forces Alcardah.bhsp statement Sm.anthy 29