Work Launches Subsidy for Over 10,000 Beneficiaries in Annex IV of the Second Batch

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on Wednesday launched social benefits for more than 10,000 beneficiaries in Baghdad and the provinces in Annex IV of the second batch of 2017.

In a statement received by "Al-Ghad Press", the Director General of the Department of Social Protection for Women in the Ministry of Perfumes Hussein Al-Moussawi said that "the ministry is keen to provide the subsidy amounts to the poor, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. The subsidies will be launched in the form of supplements, until 13/6/2017. Four supplements were launched in the second installment of 2017.

"The ministry gave aid to (10676) beneficiaries who closed their cards and stopped their salaries in Baghdad and the governorates for not updating their data, adding that the information entered the field research form (PMT) them in the front of the program after conducting a field survey for them.

Al-Moussawi said that "the beneficiaries who were given the subsidy distributed among (2626) who have appeared in the salary line (above the poverty line) and submitted an objection, and (8050) who have their data and addresses," noting that " (Above the poverty line) in accordance with the law within one month from the date of the appearance of the statement or notification. "

The Director General of the Department of Women's Protection called on all beneficiaries who did not make their statements to "expedite their updating because the last date for updating will be on 15/6/2017.