Rafidain vows to hold its branches accountable for delaying the granting of loans and allocating lines of complaints

Bertha News Agency 46 2017-06-14

Rafidain Bank, on Wednesday, promised to account for its branches that delay the granting of loans, while the lines of complaints.

The bank's information office said that "citizens can contact the lines of complaints in the event of procrastination in providing loans that the bank previously announced to citizens," noting that "the denial of any branch of the bank to any loan and non-cooperation with citizens on this matter, will be accounted for if proven that".

"The citizens can call the number of complaints, in addition to the email of late advances and loans or did not appear in the lists of those advances or loans."

"The telephone number for complaints is 7901940112, and the email is (arkan.sabri@rafidain-bank.gov.iq)."

The Rafidain Bank has started in 2016, granting advances to employees and loans to the owners of the terms and conditions, including that they have a smart card and activated to receive the salary, in addition to that they have no advances or loans previously.