Completion of the remaining "Basmaya" and the governor of Baghdad promises to open "wide" areas to investors

The governor of Baghdad, Atwan Al Atwani, on Wednesday, a meeting held by the Korean company executed the project of Basmaya residential complex, to follow up the progress of work and see the rates of completion in the project, stressing near the invitation of companies to invest in the capital.

Al-Atwani received in his office the delegation of the Hanwa Korean company executing the project of Basmaya residential complex. The guest delegation gave a presentation on the level of achievement achieved on the project's land, "the press office of the governor said in a statement.
He added that "the company's projects were discussed in order to ensure the provision of services and housing for citizens," stressing that "the need to develop marketing methods for residential units, to ensure the successful management of its service."

For his part, the governor of Baghdad Atwan al-Atwani on "the importance of the use of all institutions with investors according to the investment law, giving flexibility in dealing, in order to succeed future investment plans and improve the service and urban reality in the capital."
Al-Atwani expressed his appreciation of the level of achievement achieved by the projects and the commitment of the company to implement them. He explained that investment projects are the ideal solution for many housing, health and economic problems.

He pointed out that "the province will open large areas of investment in the capital through which the call of the most important companies and investors, in an effort to open the door of cooperation and coordination between the conservative and investment companies in all fields, to complete major projects."

The capital Baghdad needs more investment projects, especially the construction of residential complexes, as the country is experiencing a severe housing crisis amid rising real estate prices and rent. The Basmaya residential project will contribute to solving even a small part of the housing crisis in Baghdad.