Destroyed the headquarters and laboratories of the booby trap and killed dozens of terrorists with an air strike in Tal Afar

The Iraqi warplanes destroyed an air strike in the district of Tal Afar, the headquarters of the military information cell, on Wednesday, in addition to killing dozens of terrorists.

According to a cell statement received by "Al-Ghad Press", "based on information intelligence cell command operations coming Nineveh belonging to the Directorate of Intelligence and Security aircraft F-16" Iraqi air strike in the district of Tal Afar. "

"The strike resulted in the destruction of an arms depot, an additive, a laboratory for the detonation of the wheels and assembly buildings," the statement said. "The strike also killed dozens of gang members and called on the terrorist."

Iraqi aircraft, joint forces, in their battle to liberate Ninewa province and other areas in other provinces support the control of a terrorist.