Expert's (the economic term): Delete the zeros does not adversely affect trading on the stock exchange
On: Wed, 10/27/2011 6:17

the whole number of economic experts that the deletion of zeros from the local currency does not have any effect on the Iraqi market, stressing that the move is working to facilitate the calculations in the price policy and the banking system in Iraq. At the time of the Securities Commission announced that Iraq is not qualified economically

To delete the zeros of the local currency to the presence of a significant impact on financial trading in the stock market.
and said economic expert Majid picture: that is to delete the zeros of the local currency Saatheraly trading financial trading inch.
He said Suri's (range economic): The process of deleting Asvarmn decision task the responsibility of the government and parliament alike.
He Suri: The deletion of three zeros from the local currency will help to facilitate the calculation and shorten the amplification figures indicating that the issuance of small groups of certain work to facilitate the accounts price policy.
He drew the picture to the presence of some of the problems facing the process as a subject share value for the different institutions as well as to the value of capital, referring to the need to find appropriate solutions and the adoption of the foundations of modern that make the process more streamlined.
He explained that the release will be followed by some of the obstacles Kokchav fraud earlier during the withdrawal of old currency, and others.
He said the picture that the inventory of the cash block Bolasaddaralnkadi the new and the switch must be in sufficient time so as to avoid any forms may occur in addition to the need for campaign awareness suitable for all economic actors and popular to explain the whole issue and bring relief to the imposition of Zbabih on the process of switching the currency that can be used by some greedy in the graft.
it unlikely for economic expert Sohail Abbasi and any damage due to switch the local currency and delete Asvarmnha indicating that the new value will be the same for BD without Asfarmakda the advance publicity for the government about the process of deleting Alasfarghyr true at the present time.
The economist said Suhail Abbasi for (long economic): that of the grave mistake committed by the government is announced prior to the deletion of zeros without the direct and fully prepared for this process what is happening confusion and concern for citizens as well as it would hamper the work of government and private banks.
He said Abbasi: After direct comes the stage of creating citizens and banks for the withdrawal of old currency and replace the currency of modern, pointing out that Turkey during the switch its currency committed by the secret and not to leak any information during the development of plans there so it did not occur any problems delayed the cruise.
The head of the Securities Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi, said earlier: (a) n delete the zeros of the local currency will affect the financial trading in the stock market.
He said Abdul Razzaq Saadi, according to (Rn) that "Iraq is not qualified economically to delete the zeros of the local currency to the presence of a significant effect on trading the financial stock market, noting that some companies registered Appropriation Financial is less than the Iraqi dinar and delete zeros will cause it to third dinar volume of trading the Iraqi market for securities one billion Iraqi dinars a day.
Saadi said: There are service projects such as building power stations, most of the deletion of zeros, which cost Iraq billions of dollars as the economic situation which is still not at the level required to remove three zeroes. "
In the same context The government said the process of removing zeros from the currency ornament will increase the phenomenon of money laundering and is working to convince the central bank need to stop work on the project.
and the central bank of Iraq to the new currency will increase by three zeros, indicating that he had conducted an extensive study concluded that the lifting of the zeroes will strengthen the value of the currency.
The Securities Commission, said that Iraq provided the countries of the region the size of financial trading increased by 70%.
The stock market began its activities in 2004, and shifted from manual trading to the use of screens handle electronic in 2009 and open for trading two hours a day five days a week.