Decisions of the Council of Ministers for today's session: An investigation was opened into the Khazer incident and the arrest of 7 accused
The Council of Ministers announced on Tuesday the decisions of its regular session held today, indicating that an investigation was opened in the incident of Al-Khazer and arrested 7 people in connection with the investigation of the poisoning of the displaced. The Council also discussed the handling of traffic jams in Baghdad.

The Council said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press that it held its regular session on Tuesday June 13, 2017 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider Al-Abbadi. The vote was passed on approving the recommendation of the emergency meeting of the Civil Crisis Management Unit, concerning the exclusion of the Ministry of Construction, (3) of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (329) for the year 2015 regarding the protection of the national product from chlorine liquid until 31/12-2017 for purposes of water purification exclusively.

He added, "A position was also presented to prepare the employees who received their salaries in the liberated areas and the preparation of those who did not receive their salaries with a statement of reasons, where was
Vote on the release of salaries of employees of the province of Nineveh, who checked security by the security audit team of the Ministry of Interior or by the national security.

The Council decided, according to the statement, "the formation of an operations room in the Ministry of Finance to resolve the problems that appear when the Ministry of Finance audit of payroll lists and continue to work after the official day until the completion of the task in the presence of managers of formations responsible for salaries from ministries whose salaries were delayed in the province of Nineveh.

They discussed the provision of electricity in Nineveh province and coordination with the Kurdistan region to secure the transfer of crude oil from Kirkuk to Nineveh.

The Council of Ministers instructed the Ministry of Health to complete the required numbers for the grades (central appointments) and submit them to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance to include the required allocations within the supplementary budget for 2017.

The Council of Ministers voted to consider the projects of collection, maintenance and rehabilitation in the electricity sector of the strategic projects of a federal nature based on the provisions of Article (4 / I / 7) of the Investment Law No. (3) for 2009. The National Investment Authority shall issue the investment licenses for the projects above.

A vote was also made on the payment of dues to truck drivers of the Ministry of Commerce, which contributes to support the security forces.

The vote on funding allocations of the Ministry of Education, and directing the Ministry of Finance to open documentary credit for the purchase of textbooks in the form of financial optimization and depending on the allocations approved by the Ministry.

The Council discussed the treatment of traffic jams in the province of Baghdad and was presented a study at the short, medium and long.

The council also discussed the situation of the displaced in Nineveh, in addition to yesterday's incident, which led to the poisoning of 800 displaced persons in the camp of Hassan Sham U2 and the death of a child and a woman. An investigation into the incident was opened and seven people were arrested in connection with the investigation.