Document: Planning shows the real funding and the establishment of 3 important projects in Diwaniyah

Revealed a document issued by the Ministry of Planning, the fact that funding ratios and the completion of three projects in the province of Diwaniyah.

"A reference to your book No. 10324 dated 16-5-2017, we show you the fate of three important strategic projects in Diwaniyah," said the document entitled "The Office of the Attorney Ghazwan Faisal al-Shabani," and obtained "Al-Ghad Press", a copy of which, The 2017 budget is a road (Diwaniyah - Afak al-Badair) with a length of up to 52 km, and the establishment of the intersection of the bridge bridge and the stadium of Sabla in Diwaniya with a capacity of 30 thousand spectators, with a four-star hotel 75 rooms.

According to the document, "the project of the construction of the second corridor of the road (Diwaniyah - Afak Al Budair) with a length of 57 km, is included within the budget of 2017, and cost 52 billion dinars, with an annual allocation of 2 billion dinars, and the actual completion rate of 36.2% The Ministry of Construction and Housing project was financing $ 4 billion dinars, the distribution ratio of 8% deducted from the total salaries and allowances for all state employees and public sector retirees, and confirm that the ministry had asked twice to strengthen funding for the project above which is what has been achieved. "

"The construction project (the intersection of the Republic of the bridge / Diwaniyah), the project is included within the budget of 2017 to the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, at a cost of 56 billion and 160 million dinars, and an annual allocation of 150 million dinars, the percentage of material achievement was 23.19%, and in view of the crisis financial experienced by the country, throughout the search has not been project financing due to the fact that the percentage of completion is low. "

She explained that "the project design and construction of stadiums capacity of 30 thousand spectators in four provinces, namely Diyala and Dhi Qar, Salah al-Din and Diwaniyah, the project is included within the budget of 2017, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, at a cost of 520 billion dinars, and an annual allocation of 15500 million dinars, The project is currently postponed for the lack of financial allocations monitored.

As the project is not one of the first priorities for financing, it has not been funded by adequate allocation for its completion, The Ministry is also working hard with the Ministry of Youth and Sports The birth of the project (orbit research) and to find a mechanism for funding.