Iraq PM Abadi hails anti-ISIS quick victory

Iraqi PM Haider Abadi said Sunday that none of the world leaders had dreamed such a quick victory against ISIS terror group, asserting that the banner of victory will soon be lifted.

A statement released by Abadi's media office said, "Abadi met this morning with special forces and congratulated them on the victories they have achieved in many battles in the mountains of Makhoul, Tikrit, Falluja and others after uniting efforts with the army and the federal police and Counter-Terrorism forces".

The statement quoted Abadi as saying that "Iraq has the capabilities and power unless it is owned by others, and that none of the leaders of the world was dreaming that victory would be achieved at such a rapid pace," pointing out that "the dispersion led to the entry of a supporter and our unity led to victories and liberating the land".

"We are determined to protect citizens, prosecute those involved in organized crimes," he said.

The Iraqi army, backed by the US-led international coalition, started an offensive to liberate the second largest Iraqi city in October 2016.

The Iraqi army announced it was about to fully recapture Mosul.

Iran-allied IMIS militias participates in the operations. But it is involved in tortures, lootings and killings of civilians, particularly Sunnis.