State of law: postponement of elections "betrayal" of the blood of the martyrs

The deputy of the coalition of state law, Faleh Hassan al-Khazali, on Sunday, that the demands to postpone the election "a betrayal of the blood of the martyrs," describing it as a "conspiracy" on Iraq.

"We are at the end of an urgent end in Iraq and the return of the country to its natural state. We are witnessing and hearing internal and external statements calling for the postponement of the elections and the introduction of Iraq into a dark tunnel that enshrines the principle of dictatorship again and again," Khazali said in a statement.

"These calls are a betrayal of the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices of the people who have been and still are paying the price for the peaceful transfer of power," he said, adding that "this principle has disturbed many countries, especially the Arab countries that control heredity."
And, it (calls for postponement of elections), "conspiracy on Iraq."

"The political forces in Iraq should not allow those who want to steal the voice of the people, and our bet on the awareness of society and the choice of reference and its role in shaping the future of Iraq and facing the challenges ahead," Khazali said.

It is noteworthy that there are political claims to postpone the provincial elections scheduled early next year, and integration with the parliamentary elections.