Director of "Petroleum Products" explains to "Al-Gharab Press" the reason for cancel
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Thread: Director of "Petroleum Products" explains to "Al-Gharab Press" the reason for cancel

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    Director of "Petroleum Products" explains to "Al-Gharab Press" the reason for cancel

    Director of "Petroleum Products" explains to "Al-Gharab Press" WHY the "global tender" and parliamentary energy was Cancel
    The Director General of Oil Products Distribution Company, Ali Abdul Karim al-Moussawi, on Thursday, the reason for the cancellation of his company a global tender on the day of opening bids, stressing that there are two reasons to cancel the tender, while the Committee revealed oil and energy parliamentary that it intends to open an investigation into the case.

    "We have invited the companies to rehabilitate the warehouses of Baghdad airport and Basra International Airport. When we invited the companies and held a conference on the presentation of the requirements, the Ministry of Oil issued a decision to refer the project to the two heavy engineering equipment companies and the ministry's oil projects directly, , As we support companies in the Ministry of Oil, which are competent companies.

    He explained that "the owners of companies who bought the tenderness of the tender, will recover their money and expenses that they lost in the purchase of teaser."

    "Sometimes, such things happen, because when you bring the case to the ministry, it has a more accurate and specialized view of the case," he said. "The second thing is that national companies operating under Law 22 of 1997 must be supported."

    "We consider the ministry's decision to be true," Moussawi said.
    "We have other projects where companies can go back and apply to deal with us and implement their projects," he said.

    For his part, said a member of the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary, Hussein al-Awad, "Al-Ghad Press", that his committee intends to "set up an investigative committee to follow up the cancellation of the Ministry of Oil, a global tender on the day of opening bids," noting " The subject fully and know whether the Ministry of Oil bear the cancellation of the tender, before the Iraqi parliament and the judiciary. "

    "I will declare these results accurately and without falsification or concealment of any information," he warned.

    "The oil and energy committee is in the process of investigating this issue and if we are sure of the cancellation, we will form an investigative committee immediately after the month of Ramadan," likely, "in which there may be suspicions of corruption or a big problem or deals behind the scenes. Subject to convey information accurately. "

    An official source in the Ministry of Oil has revealed to "Al-Gharab Press", earlier in the day, the ministry canceled the tender for the rehabilitation of fuel depots at the airports of Baghdad and Basra International, and between the ministry did not explain the reasons, he pointed out that it cost companies involved in the The tender caused financial losses and angered them.

    The source added that "the company distribution of petroleum products put forward a project to rehabilitate the fuel depots in the airports of Baghdad and Basra for the tender and sold a rare tender for companies wishing to compete in the amount of 750 thousand dinars," adding that "several solid companies carrying European and Arab nationalities participated in the tender."

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