Abadi plans an emergency government and America welcomes
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Thread: Abadi plans an emergency government and America welcomes

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    Abadi plans an emergency government and America welcomes

    Abadi plans an emergency government and America welcomes


    Baghdad / Sky Press:

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - An emergency government in Iraq is contemplating an emergency government in April 2018, or if Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi fails to win a second term in office, senior political sources in Baghdad said on Thursday.

    The sources said in an interview with the "Arabs", followed by "Sky Press", that "the scenario of the emergency government, has a clear American acceptance, and based on the extension of Abadi another year, after the end of his mandate early summer of 2018" to prevent the receipt of a pro-Iranian prime minister .

    The Americans fear Abadi's failure to produce good results will help him maintain his post for another four years, or widespread fraud in the 2018 election that would change the results of the vote.

    He said that the scenario of the emergency government is being prepared in the context of a plan to distance Iraq from Iran and support Abadi, who did not hide his desire to get rid of Iranian hegemony and openness to an Arab role, while warns of the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki and Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim, Of the seriousness of this scenario.

    Most of the Sunni political leaders are pushing for a postponement of the elections, until the return of displaced people from the newly liberated areas is completed, thus extending the current mandate of Abbadi.

    Observers do not rule out that the allies of Iran in Iraq to resort to the weapon of popular mobilization in the electoral equation in order to change the results.

    Wafik al-Samarrai, a senior officer in the former Iraqi army and regularly commenting on security and political developments in the country, said: "The relationship between the crowd and the slaves is based on suspicion and distrust. Unfortunately, the main reason lies in Abbadi's fear of his failure in the elections. Its failure in all the files of the state, and the most important corruption and ways of managing the war where it lasted too long and doubled losses.

    Al-Samarrai, known for his close proximity to al-Maliki and his support for the popular crowd, adds that "the crowd forces, I want to lure them at higher levels, open war on the Syrian border, where the fronts are open in all directions, .

    Reports of the emergency government coincide with leaks about the stalled negotiations to choose a new council to run the election commission in Iraq.

    The current mandate of the Board of Commissioners expires in September, meaning a real need to choose a new council if the April elections are to be held on time.

    The House of Representatives voted not to be satisfied with the answers of the Board of Commissioners after being questioned by a deputy of the Sadrist movement. It is now possible to vote on the current election commission and to dismiss it, even before the end of its mandate.

    Abadi's office refuses to comment on the emergency government scenario, but Ali al-Alaq, a senior figure in the Dawa Party within what has become known as the "Abadi wing," says that "the parties and political parties that promote such scenarios are due to their fears of the possibility of deposing the Electoral Commission, Pointing out that "the information that talks about postponement of the parliamentary elections and the dissolution of the government and parliament are baseless and have no basis at all."

    The most prominent of the warnings, issued by Maliki, who linked the formation of the emergency government in Iraq, a project to keep the Islamists from power.

    Maliki said that "an international resolution bunk to be issued by the Security Council under Chapter VI, calling for the formation of an emergency government under the pretext of running the country temporarily until the situation stabilizes, and elections are held again, to complete the chapters of the plot to exclude the Islamic project."

    For her part, says MP Hanan al-Fatlawi, "The issue of the emergency government is an American desire," noting that this project "has no legal basis."

    "The Americans want to keep Abbadi in power because they do not have a guarantee to win the elections," she said.


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    Re: Abadi plans an emergency government and America welcomes

    hope we have a rv before this crap happens

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