Dhi Qar Electricity starts a project at a cost of more than 300 million dinars
Dhi Qar Electricity Distribution Directorate announced on Thursday that it will start implementing a project to solve the bottlenecks of 11 kV (Umm Nakhla) from the new Karma High Station, pointing out that the project will cost more than 300 million Iraqi dinars.

The director of the distribution of electricity Dhi Qar, Dhafir Hamid Khalaf, told "Al-Ghad Press" that "the engineering and technical staff of the project implementation department in the Directorate began the work of the project to resolve the bottleneck of feeder 11 KV Om Nakhla issued by the new station Karma secondary.

He added that "the project works include the construction of a line of 11 kV ground (3 * 150 mm 2) length of (1.5) km and the construction of 11 KV antenna length (5) km with a high-pressure pillars 11 meters with accessories number / 152 between the buckle and round and columns expressions 11 meters / 12, as well as the transmission of high pressure network wire aluminum 20/120 mm 2 length (16500) meters.

He pointed out that "the project was implemented at the expense of the draft emergency investment plan for the current year 2017 and the total cost amounted to (370,421,500) million dinars, expected to complete the work before the specified period of (60) days."

He explained that "the goal of the implementation of this project is to break the bottleneck mentioned nutrient, which suffers from high loads to the maximum extent possible, as the load during the peak load period more than (7.5) MW, which contributes to the continuity of electricity during the period of processing.