ISIS controls only 4 districts in Mosul

Only four districts remain under ISIS control in Mosul right bank, Strategic Expert Rahim al-Shimary said in an interview with The Baghdad Post on Thursday.

A week separates us from seeing Mosul being declared fully liberated from ISIS terrorists, Shimary added.

ISIS terrorists are now besieged in Mosul. They are desperately booby-trapping houses and cars of civilians to block Iraqi forces from advancing toward the city, security expert Ali al-Hourani told the Baghdad Post.

Earlier on Thursday, Iraqi forces gained control of 90 percent of al-Zanjili district in western Mosul as the forces pushed deep into the northern crossing of Sinjar towards al-Nourai Mosque.

The forces destroyed a plant for manufacturing explosives as well as four booby trapped vehicles intended to target civilians fleeing the city.

Head of Federal Police announced Wednesday his forces had recaptured 85 percent of Zanjili neighborhood in western Mosul and reached Bab Sinjar on the outskirts of the old city of Mosul on the right bank.

In a press statement, Lt. Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat said, "The federal police are pushing into Zanjili very cautiously after ISIS terrorists had bulldozed buildings, houses, streets and pylons," he added.

"Our forces are intensifying their field intelligence operations to monitor the movements of the leaders of the organization and its weapons and defenses in the old city and target them with guided missiles," he added.

Since February 19th, the Iraqi army backed by the US-led international coalition has launched an offensive to retake the right bank of Mosul.