Islamic State massacre at least 160 civilians fleeing western Mosul

Drone footage shows dozens of bodies of men, women and children killed as they tried to escape the Islamic State stronghold.

The ruthlessness and brutality of IS is well known but the latest pictures illustrate to everyone their willingness to kill anyone who disagrees with them or refuses to follow their orders.

Drone footage filmed by Iraqi forces shows dozens upon dozens of bodies of men, women and children gunned down as they tried to make their escape at the start of the month.

IS fighters had told the tens of thousands of people still trapped inside the city that they should not try to leave.

The terror group has a history of using the civilian population as human shields.
But with the battle for the city now entering its most brutal phase, many are doing their best to escape any way they can.

Along a road that would lead to the Iraqi forces they were hunted down and murdered by the group who claim to be their protectors.

Through narrow streets thousands are still trying to get away. From the air pictures show them moving en masse down roads they hope are clear.

Everyone is traumatised. Children battered and bleeding are brought forward.
All are exhausted from weeks of fighting, little food and water and a truly horrendous passage to safety.

IS' onslaught against civilians won't stop until they are beaten, but the fight for the Old City still packed with people has yet to start in earnest.
IS' time here is ending. But the horror they can wreak on the innocent is far from done.